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We Help You Uncover Perth’s Hidden Property Gems

Looking to buy investment grade properties in Perth? Let’s face it: the hunt can be exhausting.

You’ll have to navigate an endless sea of contradicting information & choices to find that perfect opportunity. Even so, you wonder if you should save on costs by doing it on your own.

Sure, there’s a science to it. Analysing the market, doing research, and crunching the numbers. You think that because you’ve always had a head for figures, you might be able to do it by yourself.

But what you might not realize is that there’s also an art. When it comes to property investment, it’s more than just analysing spreadsheets. It’s about picking up on those subtle details that many might miss.

Like having such an in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market that you know…

…which side of a particular street to buy property on and which side to avoid.

Or the ability to spot hidden gems. These are properties that might not look like much now. But have the potential to yield significant returns with the right touches.

Also, pinpointing up-and-coming neighbourhoods before they become popular. That way, clients can buy at a lower price before the area becomes too expensive.

Buyers’ agents have weathered the storms and have the battle scars to prove it. With one by your side, you’re not just investing in real estate; you’re buying peace of mind. And even if you’re not looking for an investment and just want a place to call home, they can do that, too.

But in this article, we’ll concentrate on the investment side.

A Little Story

Picture yourself sitting at your desk, scrolling through property listings on your laptop. Every choice you come across claims to be the perfect investment opportunity. The glut of options leaves you feeling more confused than ever.

Everyone talks about how Perth is a great place to invest. But no one tells you how overwhelming it can be to find the right fit.

There’s so much to consider. For starters, which suburb, the more promising pockets within, property type, and potential growth and rental income. There’s also dealing with sales agents, negotiating a good outcome, property management, future development plans, and so much more.

You recall a chat with a colleague who got burned big time on an investment deal gone bad. Your pal was so sure he’d nailed it. He did his homework. Or so he thought.

Unforeseen issues with the property popped up. The market took a nose-dive, and he had the horrible misfortune of choosing the wrong part of town. All these factors combined into a perfect storm of financial disaster.

The emotional toll of seeing years of hard-earned savings evaporate was devastating. Even worse, he faced strained relationships with family members who had co-invested. The stress began to affect his health and work performance.

The fear of making the same mistake weighs heavily on your mind. Every click…every potential property…becomes a question: “Is this the right choice…

…or something I’ll regret for the rest of my life?”

That’s why, when buying property, having an experienced guide to rely on is invaluable.

The Power of Experience

Never, ever overlook the power of experience. That’s because it’s the secret sauce in making good investment decisions.

I once had a client who was absolutely smitten with a property. On paper, it seemed like a dream.

The place was in an upscale part of Perth. Near to fancy restaurants, pretty parks, and a lively community centre. To top it all off, the property had a price tag that seemed too good to be true considering its prime location.

But with my ear to the ground as their dedicated buyer’s agent in Perth, I knew better.

That seemingly postcard-worthy street had a dark side. Frequent car break-ins and ear-splittingly loud late-night parties. Plus, poorly lit areas turned evening walks into nerve-wracking ordeals.

All this led to sky-high tenant turnover. Knowing what I knew, I steered my client away. That ensured they didn’t invest their money in a property that would be a mistake.

That’s the power of experience.

Here’s the thing: I’ve got 15 solid years as a Perth buyer’s agent and three from the selling side. I’ve been through the exhilarating highs and the gut-wrenching lows of property investment. Those cringe-worthy “what-was-I-thinking” purchases? Been there, learned from that.

Yes, technical know-how is essential. But do you know what sets an exceptional buyer’s agent apart? It’s their ability to adapt strategies based on the ever-changing market landscape. But this ability to ‘read’ the market is honed only after years of direct, hands-on experience.

I’m going to tell you a secret. If you’re looking for a buyer’s agent in Perth, aim for one with at least a decade under their belt. Here’s why: property markets dance to a 7–10-year rhythm of upswings and flat periods.

An buyers agent who’s ridden these waves for over a decade is more than just experienced. They’re your best bet for insightful, top-notch advice.

The True Value of a Buyer’s Agent

Ever felt that gut-wrenching fear of sinking your cash into a property black hole? We’ve all heard the horror stories. People who thought they struck investment gold. Only to realize they’ve plunked down their cash for a money pit.

Look, every investment comes with its share of uncertainties. There’s no magic crystal ball to predict success.

But a buyer’s agent is your safety net. With one, you’ll have a better chance at finding diamonds in the rough instead of getting stuck with unprofitable duds.

Why It’s So Important to Choose the Right Properties

The yearly returns on an investment property can significantly impact your long-term wealth. Simply put, the better the investment potential, the higher its future value.

Let’s break it down with some real figures. Imagine you invest in a property valued at $750,000. Here’s a peek at how that investment might look over 30 years, based on different growth rates:

Annual Growth Above Inflation Projected Value In 30 Years
1% $1,010,886
2% $1,358,521
3% $1,820,446
4% $2,432,548
5% $3,241,456
6% $4,307,618

Notice the difference? Just a tiny bump in growth can mean a LOT more money for you.

Here’s a fun fact: many properties in Australia grow just a little faster than inflation. So, the average $750,000 property today could be worth between $1 million to $1.82 million in three decades.

Now, imagine the edge you’d have with a sharp-eyed Perth buyer’s agent in your corner. Such an expert can pinpoint properties with a potential for high growth. Instead of settling for average or slightly above-average returns…

…you could be looking at lucrative growth rates of 5% or more.

These numbers show that a small increase of 1% in yearly growth could make a huge difference. For example, your $1-$2 million property turns into a much bigger $3-$4.3 million asset.

This goes to show you that a buyer’s agent can help you make smarter investments, helping to boost your wealth and financial security.

Choosing Buyers Agents in Perth

To find a great buyer’s agent in Perth, ask someone you trust for a recommendation. Sure, you can read reviews on LinkedIn and Google. But honestly, nothing compares to a recommendation from someone you know.

Got a name? Awesome! Now, vet them with these essential questions to ensure they’re the real deal:

  1. Do They Have Their Own Investment Property Portfolio? Check if they’ve got skin in the game. You want a buyers agent who doesn’t just talk the talk but walks the walk. Someone who’s invested their own money is in a better position to give advice.
  2. Are They Well-Connected? A buyer’s agent with a Rolodex bursting with connections can unearth juicy, not-yet-on-the-market deals. And trust me, those networks don’t pop up overnight. So, aim for a pro with a decade (or more) of networking magic.
  3. Is Your Advisor Your Main Point of Contact? Big agencies might reel you in with their star player, only to pass the ball to the rookie. Make sure your main point of contact isn’t changing mid-game. You want the MVP from start to finish.
  4. Is Your Advisor Exclusively A Buyer’s Agent? Beware of agents who flip-flop between buying and selling. You need a dedicated buyer’s agent, not someone juggling multiple hats and playing both sides.
  5. What Do Past Clients Say About Them? Dive deep into feedback from previous clients. Were they responsive? Did they feel supported? Were there any hiccups?
  6. What Are Your First Impressions of the Agent? Trust your instincts. Remember, you’re not just making a transaction; you’re building a relationship. If something feels off, it probably is.

Other Tips:

Hyper-Local Knowledge Trumps General Know-How

Eyeing a particular locale, like Perth? Then, a local buyer’s agent can be your fast track to success. Imagine having a guide in Perth who’s got the inside scoop on all things property. That’s what a local buyer’s agent is like!

They always have their ear to the pavement. From the latest buzz on emerging neighbourhoods to property hotspots with fantastic returns…

…they’re chock full of indispensable insights.

Choose a Specialist Over a Jack-of-All-Trades

Investor-focused buyers agents understand the unique objectives of real estate investors. That’s because they’re not just selling a home; they’re helping to establish a quality asset base for outperformance and an income stream.

Their specialised knowledge means they know what makes a property a good investment. This is something a generalist might not be able to do.

Agents without investing experience may not understand the details, risks, and rewards involved. This gap can mean advice that’s seriously off the mark.

Generalists typically focus on the emotional appeal of a property. But an investor-centric buyers agent knows their clients are in it for the numbers. They know their clients are making a financial decision, not an emotional one.

So, when investing, always opt for someone who ‘gets’ the investor mindset.

Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

Most buyer’s agents will charge you based on the property’s price or a set fee once the deal is sealed. Now, saving some bucks with a cheaper agent might sound tempting, but remember, you get what you pay for.

Let’s say you’re buying in a cutthroat market with few standout properties. In that case, an agent charging less might rush through the process. Which means buying more properties quickly. So they’re not exactly picking the cream of the crop.

Paying a bit more can mean your buyers agent takes the time to choose only the best possibilities for you. Think about it for a second: isn’t it better to invest $20,000 in a stellar opportunity than $10,000 in one that’s just okay?

That extra $10,000 might seem like a lot now, but skimping could mean missing out on a goldmine in future growth.

What to Ask Your Buyers Agent

When instructing your buyer’s agent, be brief and to the point. As a property investor, it’s vital to set the following parameters:

  1. your budget
  2. the most compelling fundamentals to drive the property’s long-term growth potential.

Remember, investing in property is different from shopping for a home to live in. Your primary goal is to see a return on your investment. Everything else is secondary.

Focus on the property’s potential for long-term growth, not just its location or appearance. Always keep in mind, this is a financial decision through and through.

The Buyers Agent: The Secret Weapon in Buying Property

Thinking of going it alone to save on buyer’s agent fees? While it might be tempting, it’s also risky.

Expert guidance might feel like a pinch on the wallet now. But think long-term. That investment paves the way for smarter decisions and more significant gains.

Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of investing in property to secure your financial future. You know that selecting the right properties translates to a steady cash flow. Which offers a comforting blanket of financial security for your loved ones.

But let’s not sugarcoat it – buying real estate is a big deal, and it can get overwhelming.

At Buyers Advocate Perth, we’re your trusted partner on your property journey, demystifying the process and helping you make informed decisions. We offer a hassle-free buying process that can mitigate much of the risk. What’s more, we do everything for you, from finding the right properties to negotiating a successful outcome.

Want to dive deeper into what sets a quality property apart, and get valuable tips for a successful property acquisition? Simply fill in your name and email in the ‘Download’ form below. And if you’re ready to start your property journey, contact our expert buyers agent Perth team on our website.


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