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In a world marked by ever-increasing uncertainties, building a secure financial future has become a paramount concern for individuals seeking stability, prosperity, and the ability to leave a lasting legacy for their loved ones. Investing wisely is the key to achieving these goals, and one asset class that stands out for its potential to create long-term wealth and security is property. This article delves into the compelling reasons for investing and sheds light on the numerous advantages of property investment as a means to build wealth, secure financial freedom, and make prudent choices for the future.

Why Invest at All?

  • To Build Wealth: Investing is a proven path to build and grow wealth over time. By allocating funds into assets that appreciate or generate income, individuals can harness the power of compounding and witness their wealth expand steadily. For those with long-term aspirations, investing provides a well-charted route to financial security and prosperity.
  • Financial Freedom: Investing wisely offers the promise of financial freedom—a life free from financial worries and constraints. By generating passive income and accumulating assets, individuals can achieve financial independence, granting them the freedom to pursue their passions and dreams.
  • Leave a Legacy for Your Kids: Investing ensures a legacy that extends beyond one’s lifetime. By making strategic investment decisions, individuals can pass on assets and wealth to future generations, providing financial security and opportunities for their children and grandchildren.

What Happens If You Don’t Invest?

Without investment, the impact of inflation can be detrimental to one’s financial standing. The relentless treadmill of inflation continues to erode the purchasing power of savings, leaving individuals with less wealth in real terms. Failing to invest results in stagnation, making it difficult to keep up with the ever-rising cost of living.

Why Property as an Investment Asset Class?

  • Basic Human Need: Shelter is a fundamental human requirement, making property an evergreen investment choice. As long as people need comfortable living spaces, the demand for property remains relatively consistent.
  • Tangible and Stable: Property stands out as a tangible asset that won’t vanish overnight. Unlike other investment options, such as stocks, property provides a sense of security as it can be seen and touched. This inherent stability makes property a favored choice for risk-averse investors.
  • Reduced Volatility: While property’s illiquidity may be perceived as a drawback, it also contributes to its stability. Property investment tends to be less volatile compared to other assets, providing a sense of security during turbulent economic times.
  • Favorable Borrowing Conditions: Financial institutions readily lend substantial amounts against property, offering higher loan-to-value ratios compared to other asset classes. Residential property loans typically come with lower interest rates, making property investment an economical means of accessing capital.
  • Historical Resilience: Over the past 50 years, property prices have demonstrated remarkable resilience during economic upheavals, including wars, crises, and pandemics. Historical data reveals a consistent upward trend in Australian and Perth housing prices, even amidst uncertainty.
  • Ability to Add Value: Investors can actively enhance the value of their property through renovations or development projects. This direct influence on appreciation sets property investment apart from owning stocks, where market fluctuations dictate stock value.

The Potential of Home as an Investment

Often, our homes inadvertently become one of our best investments. Capital gains from a primary residence are tax-free, making homeownership a tax-efficient means of building wealth. Additionally, accumulating equity in one’s home opens opportunities to borrow against that equity and develop an investment portfolio, further boosting wealth creation prospects. While lifestyle considerations are crucial when selecting a home, it is wise to also assess a property’s potential for future capital growth, finding a property that satisfies both investment-grade criteria and lifestyle preferences.

Confidence in Investment Property Appreciation

To invest in property successfully, achieving decent capital growth is essential to offset the property’s cash flow costs. Aiming for a consistent 7%+ per annum capital growth is recommended. The key to such growth lies in investing in quality properties that possess the potential for long-term appreciation.

The Power of Long-Term Investing

While investing well is crucial, the real value lies in long-term investment strategies. Making a one-time 50% return may seem enticing, but achieving a steady 7% return each year over four decades has a far greater impact. The compounding effect multiplies the initial investment by a factor of 15, illustrating the importance of consistent long-term growth.

When it comes to securing financial well-being and building wealth, investing is not just a luxury but a necessity. Failing to invest carries the risk of losing wealth due to the relentless pace of inflation. Property investment, with its tangible nature, potential for value addition, favorable borrowing conditions, stability, and alignment with basic human needs, emerges as a preferred asset class. Over the years, property prices have shown resilience and growth, making them an ideal choice for investors seeking both security and returns. By making informed investment decisions, individuals can pave their way towards financial freedom, leave a lasting legacy, and seize the opportunity to create a prosperous and secure future.

How to Get Started

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